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Just in my thoughts

I went to get my blood drawn sometime this week.  I actually hate needles, I really do. So, sitting down there and feeling very apprehensive. The lab technician decided to engage me in a discussion after he noticed my demeanor just to cheer me up or get me to forget about the needles or my imagined pains for needles. I don’t know which one really but I appreciated his efforts. My friend was also there for moral support but she’s in the same condition as I, we both fear needles so she wasn’t really of any help like we planned. One of the questions he asked me was; “if I liked reading?” I didn’t know what to answer. My friend replied him, “yes”. I thought about it, am I really a reader? Or is that how I present myself to be. I know very well that I used to be a reader but I wasn’t sure if I was still one. He went ahead to ask me what I had read last; I replied, “Ecological biology”. It was for class anyways; I’m not sure I would have read it if it wasn’t for class.