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What will People Say

       The four-word sentence, “What will People Say” has done more harm than I can recall. It is a four-word sentence that I detest so much. It is a sentence that has given people the choice of inviting other people's opinion into their life, and thereby preventing them from doing whatever they were supposed to do with their lives. A sentence that has hindered dreams, promoted low self-esteem and in some cases led to some preventable deaths. At some points, most people under the influence of this slogan become so intoxicated that they forget that this is their own life too and not just people’s. Some of them on the other hand still have the knowledge that, yes, this is their life but cannot help to think about people’s opinion because of maybe how they were brought up.

         The truth is I personally used to be under the influence of this slogan too until I had a redemption and a new look into life. I believe that we live in this realm only once, so that means we only get to…


Have you ever found yourself with a group of people or person(s) that every time you hang out with them or be with this person(s), you feel so drained? Have you found yourself in a condition where you are just never yourself? It is like you always have to compromise every time, and it is not the same for the other party. Okay, this is what I have to say about this issue: it is not worth it. I have always believed that, and this is also something that I don’t ever hesitate to tell people close to me too. If someone close to you, maybe an acquaintance, a partner, a friend is really just draining you and being a menace to your mental stability, then I don’t really think that they should be there in your life in the first place.

        I would not see myself as an ethical egoist if I am trying to be modest, but I am supposed to be an egoist in nature. So, I am going to be writing this as an egoist. As an ethical egoist, I am obligated to do things that will benefit me for my ow…

Let us Live Life

I find it really fascinating how much we, as,  humans spend most of our lives worrying about death. We only live once, yet, we spend that one life worried about death. I am not saying that one should not be worried about dying, but I think that it prevents us from living our life to the fullest.  Epicurus said that we spend most of our lives on earth worrying about death that we don’t even get to witness. He believed that if one is alive then, they can’t experience death, and if when one dies they don’t know anything about the living.  Now, I don’t necessarily agree with all Epicurus’s opinion, but I stand with him on his belief about death. It is really funny how life goes. The fact that we only have one life and no extra to spare makes it even crazier to comprehend.

It is just so sad and worrisome to think that the person you like the most or even sitting close to right now can just disappear, and you don’t even get to see them anymore. Then, we are filled with this guilt of not ha…


Hello folks. I know that it is the 27th day into 2019 and I haven’t written anything. To all of you who keep texting and asking even in person, I sincerely owe you all an apology. I cannot say that it won’t happen again because best believe I think it is going to happen again. I am a big time procrastinator. If there was a remedy for procrastination, I will probably procrastinate getting the remedy. Okay, it is not that bad maybe I am exaggerating but I assure you that I am working on it (you can insert a smiley face here).
So it is a brand new year for most of us, I think the Chinese have a special new year. I am not sure so please don’t quote me wrong. For me, I don’t think it is any big deal. It is just a continuation of life but different things for different folks.
Like I have said most times here for those of you all that have been here with me since I started, I like to think that I am a believer. I believe in somethings and some things I just think needs to be canceled. I am n…