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Hello folks. I know that it is the 27th day into 2019 and I haven’t written anything. To all of you who keep texting and asking even in person, I sincerely owe you all an apology. I cannot say that it won’t happen again because best believe I think it is going to happen again. I am a big time procrastinator. If there was a remedy for procrastination, I will probably procrastinate getting the remedy. Okay, it is not that bad maybe I am exaggerating but I assure you that I am working on it (you can insert a smiley face here).
So it is a brand new year for most of us, I think the Chinese have a special new year. I am not sure so please don’t quote me wrong. For me, I don’t think it is any big deal. It is just a continuation of life but different things for different folks.
Like I have said most times here for those of you all that have been here with me since I started, I like to think that I am a believer. I believe in somethings and some things I just think needs to be canceled. I am n…