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Let us Live Life

I find it really fascinating how much we, as,  humans spend most of our lives worrying about death. We only live once, yet, we spend that one life worried about death. I am not saying that one should not be worried about dying, but I think that it prevents us from living our life to the fullest.  Epicurus said that we spend most of our lives on earth worrying about death that we don’t even get to witness. He believed that if one is alive then, they can’t experience death, and if when one dies they don’t know anything about the living.  Now, I don’t necessarily agree with all Epicurus’s opinion, but I stand with him on his belief about death. It is really funny how life goes. The fact that we only have one life and no extra to spare makes it even crazier to comprehend.

It is just so sad and worrisome to think that the person you like the most or even sitting close to right now can just disappear, and you don’t even get to see them anymore. Then, we are filled with this guilt of not ha…