Have you ever found yourself with a group of people or person(s) that every time you hang out with them or be with this person(s), you feel so drained? Have you found yourself in a condition where you are just never yourself? It is like you always have to compromise every time, and it is not the same for the other party. Okay, this is what I have to say about this issue: it is not worth it. I have always believed that, and this is also something that I don’t ever hesitate to tell people close to me too. If someone close to you, maybe an acquaintance, a partner, a friend is really just draining you and being a menace to your mental stability, then I don’t really think that they should be there in your life in the first place.

        I would not see myself as an ethical egoist if I am trying to be modest, but I am supposed to be an egoist in nature. So, I am going to be writing this as an egoist. As an ethical egoist, I am obligated to do things that will benefit me for my own self-interest. So, I am supposed to be on the look-out for my own mental health at this point. Just because if I don’t pay attention to my own mental health and just always be on the side of always trying to compromise to please people, I am jeopardizing my own mental health. I am also probably going to shorten my own life span by ten years. So, at the end of my life, I might not be able to please everyone that I come across, end up depressed, and die earlier than usual. Then, everyone who I tried compromising for, tried to please will probably still be alive. I have then lived a life full of grief, pity, and sadness.

         So, for the sake of my own mental health, happiness, and a fulfilled life, it is necessary that I must learn to cut off people that destroy my mental health, manipulate me, and unnecessary cause me anxieties of any sort out of my life. It does not mean that I am not tolerating, enduring or persevering. I am, but I am in my own different way. So, this means that because I am not as enduring as Ms. A does not make me any less enduring. It just means that we all have our limits of things we can endure and tolerate. It means that I have learned the habit of making myself my priority. It doesn’t mean that I am selfish nor wicked as people would normally see it. It just self-care, and since we weren’t thought that as much growing up, it seems bizarre to people who don’t have any idea what it is like.
             I will say it again, one cannot give what they don’t have. If I cannot take care of myself, and love myself, there are low possibilities of being able to show love and care to other people.


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