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What will People Say

       The four-word sentence, “What will People Say” has done more harm than I can recall. It is a four-word sentence that I detest so much. It is a sentence that has given people the choice of inviting other people's opinion into their life, and thereby preventing them from doing whatever they were supposed to do with their lives. A sentence that has hindered dreams, promoted low self-esteem and in some cases led to some preventable deaths. At some points, most people under the influence of this slogan become so intoxicated that they forget that this is their own life too and not just people’s. Some of them on the other hand still have the knowledge that, yes, this is their life but cannot help to think about people’s opinion because of maybe how they were brought up.

         The truth is I personally used to be under the influence of this slogan too until I had a redemption and a new look into life. I believe that we live in this realm only once, so that means we only get to…